College Media

AZ Integrated Media's college media properties include our flagship publication, College Times, the largest source of information for college-aged individuals in the Phoenix area. Every week, more than 130,000 people read College Times, and readership is growing in a time when print publications nationwide are seeing circulation declines. How do we do it? Like all of AZ Integrated Media's products, our college media is focused specifically on the interests of the core demographic and constantly reshaped to meet their changing tastes.

In addition to College Times, AZ Integrated published several annual, biannual and quarterly products distributed at integral moments during the college school year. These products include The Handbook, an orientation guide for the Phoenix area's incoming freshman at Arizona State University and area colleges; University Transfer Guide, a quarterly publication created in partnership with the Maricopa Community College District to assist students preparing to transfer from community colleges to a four-year institution; and our Career Guide, a biannual product aimed to help graduating seniors find work in their chosen field.
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