The Spring Handbook


150,000 students
Target Demo
Adults 18-34
At the beginning of January, approximately 150,000 students descend on local college campuses for the start of their spring semester. Spring in Arizona is the time of year when it seems every major event in the Phoenix area takes place. The Handbook: A Guide to Spring combines all these events into one magazine targeting 18-34 year olds -- Arizona's most active and toughest demographic to reach.

From the local happy hour specials to huge multi-day concerts, beer festivals, holiday celebrations, art festivals, spring break events and much more -- spring brings a plethora of opportunities.

Your business may not be hosting an event or, if so, it may be small, but this is your opportunity to get your name and message in front of students from all over the Valley who are participating in events every day during spring
The January Handbook, "A Guide to What's Happening," will be the best resource for students to plan what they are doing every day.
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