College Bowl Guide

December & January

110,000+ fans (Insight Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Fiesta Bowl Block Party)
Target Demo
Adults 25-64
The College Bowl Guide reaches over 110,000 fans coming to the Phoenix area for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl and Insight Bowl. Vacationers make up 70 percent of Fiesta Bowl attendees, and 57 percent of Insight Bowl attendees. They stay an average of four days in Phoenix and spend about $300 a day -- $320+ million total.* The College Bowl Guide is your chance to reach these visitors, as well as Valley residents who go to the games, and get your slice of the pie.

The College Bowl Guide is now also the "official guide" to the Fiesta Bowl Block Party, giving you unique access to the 100,000 people who decide to spend their New Year's Eve in downtown Tempe.

The College Bowl Guide encapsulates the complete bowl experience with information about the teams, the game, the events and the Arizona experience, including dining, drinking, golf, day trips, casinos, outdoor entertainment and shopping.

* Source: 2011 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
Over 110,000 attendees will bring $320+ million to the Valley economy.